Mark Young


 I have worked as a counsellor / psychotherapist for many years now, I have a passion and   a  commitment to maintain and  improve my knowledge, to keep it up to date within all areas of  this outstanding subject.

 I have developed a set of interpersonal skills including, verbal/non-verbal communication skills, advanced  empathy and honesty, through my work, training and life experience.

 I feel because of the training I have had over the years I have a very good understanding of equality, cultural and  religious issues. I have worked in diverse multi cultural places and different countries in the past and developed  an understanding for different needs.

 I have a talent for involving and motivating clients of all abilities and relating effectively to clients from diverse backgrounds to suit their individual needs.

 I have a comprehensive life history to draw from that I have used to inform my practice. My broad spectrum of experiences enables me to have deep empathy and genuine response to those who feel constrained, whether that is socially, culturally or otherwise.

 I have extensive experience in counselling victims of bereavement and substance misuse, depression and suicidal thoughts.These types of issues can show in all aspects of life and it is down to professionals such as myself to help these clients to be able to function once again.

 I have a genuine respect and interest for all clients and fellow professionals that I come in contact with and treat everyone in a non-judgemental manner at all times.

 For the past years I have attended monthly clinical supervision with different organisations. Supervision is an important aspect of my development and feel that my personal growth has increased ten fold, not only whilst with clients but also in my own life.

 As a former College Lecturer and a trainer of bereavement counsellors I have gained first hand teaching experience and developed strong leadership skills.

 I do feel that by reading what I have written here will give you an understanding of my commitment to counselling and how I work and just how committed I am to everything that I do. There is no point in doing anything unless it has my full attention.

I have been studying counselling for many years now and I have a passion for counselling and a commitment to maintain and improve my knowledge and to keep it up to date with all areas of this outstanding subject.