What is Counselling?

Counselling is a talking therapy that can help you express and explore your inner most thoughts and feelings.

 Counselling can help all kinds of people who want to make changes to their lives and have greater fulfilment. Everyone can benefit from counselling.

 Counselling is different from talking to your family, friends and colleagues; talking to a trained counsellor they will help you explore what it is that is troubling you.

 Counselling is a way of looking at yourself and then exploring your inner thoughts, issues and concerns in a safe, confidential and professional environment. In a way and a manner that the client is not being judged and feels comfortable in the knowledge that they are respected and believed in a caring confidential manner.

 As a counsellor I do not judge, I offer you respect and value you as a person.

 The counselling progress is reviewed regularly and the client and the counsellor decide together when the time is right to end. This will depend on your particular situation and needs.

 You may have one particular concern or issue you want to work on or you may have a number of issues but it is up to you the client what you address and how.

Counselling can be useful for many issues and the following list is just an example of the areas of support people come to counselling for.



Low self-confidence & Low esteem

Bereavement and loss

Relationship Issues

Separation, Divorce, & Marriage Problems

Anxiety Stress & Panic Attacks

Loss of Identity,  Lack of Purpose & Loneliness

Addiction, Drug & Alcohol and Substance misuse

Domestic Violence

Eating Disorders


Self Harm


Anger Management

Rape or Sexual Assault

Painful Childhood Experiences

Post and Prenatal Depression

Health, Feeling Low and Unhappiness

Life Changing Decisions

Greater Personal Fulfilment


These are the feelings that all humans can suffer from at some time in their lives and unfortunately prolonged negative experiences can reduce the quality of your life and this can become damaging to relationships not only with others but also the relationship you have with yourself.